Using Adobe Spark 101: Images, Web Pages, and Videos

In this course, you will quickly learn the simple approach to content creation using free digital Adobe Spark tools. You will learn quick tips for digital storytelling and creating visual resources using Spark Post, Spark Video, or Spark Page for print usage or web.

What You Will Learn

Introduction to Adobe Spark

  • What is Adobe Spark
  • Using free content 
  • Using themes and template

Adobe Spark Post

  • o  Create graphics with Spark Post
  • Adding and formatting text
  • Working with images and icons

Adobe Spark Video

  • Creating short video stories with Spark Video
  • Adding narration and music
  • Inserting videos with transitions

Adobe Spark Page

  • Creating web pages and presentations with Spark Page
  • Adding images, buttons, links, and videos to pages

Putting it all Together

  • Practice Activity
  • Managing content in Adobe Spark
  • Syncing content between desktop and mobile

Course Length: 1 day (6.5 hours)

Workshop Format: Live Event

Cost: $147 / person

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